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Storrs Agricultural Experiment Station

Internal Program Support

The fundamental goals of internal program support are to enhance the research climate at the University of Connecticut by promoting faculty and graduate student research and to help faculty in all disciplines move into a better position to generate external funding for their scholarly activities.  The proposals are  peer reviewed by members of a panel.

Faculty Large Grant Awards.

Spring 2012 ‘Faculty Large Grant’ Awards

For the Spring 2012 Faculty Large Grant competition, the Research Advisory Council received 59 proposals, and made 38 awards totaling more than $646,000.  College of Agriculture and Natural Resources recipients include: 

  • Thijs Bosker, Natural Resources & the Environment, The Impact of Dihydrotestosterone on Mummichog Exposed under Freshwater and Estuarine Conditions, $20,800
  • Yih-Woei Fridell, Allied Health Sciences, Elucidation of a hUCOP2 Neuroprotective Mechanism in Primary Dopaminergic Neurons, $20,800
  • Amy Mobley, Nutritional Sciences, Dad and Me: A Novel Approach to Childhood Obesity Prevention, $24,977
  • Stephen K. Swallow, Agriculture & Resource Economics, Public Goods, Ecosystem Services, Economic Values, and Market Incentives: Constructing Experimental and Applied Economics for Interdisciplinary Funding, $25,000

Complete list of Spring 2012 recipients


Spring 2011 ‘Faculty Large Grant’ Awards|

For the spring 2011 Faculty Large Grant competition, the Research Advisory Council received 48 proposals, and made 33 awards totaling more than $542,000.
College of Agriculture recipients include:

  • Joshua Berning, Agricultural & Resource Economics, A Pilot Study to Examine the Relationship of Economic Insecurity and Household Behavior as it Relates to Obesity, $15,890
  • Jane Kerstetter, Allied Health Sciences, The Effect of Amino Acids on Claudin-2: An Integral Tight Junction Protein, $9,940
  • Ji-Young Lee, Nutritional Sciences, Regulatory Mechanism for Adipocyte Fatty Acid Binding Protein Expression by Fatty Acids in Macrophages, $25,000
  • Lawrence Silbart, Allied Health Sciences, Mitigating the Harmful Effect of Carcinogens in Tobacco via Passive Immunity, $25,000

Complete list of Spring 2011 ‘Faculty Large Grant’ Awards

Fall 2010 ‘Faculty Large Grant’ Awards

For the fall 2010 Faculty Large Grant competition, the Research Advisory Council received 55 proposals, and made 37 awards totaling more than $657,000.
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources recipients include:

  • Bradley Bolling, Nutritional Sciences, Aronia ssp. (chokeberry) for the Prevention of Allergic Asthma, $20,000
  • Kristen Govoni, Animal Science, Effects of Intrauterine Growth Retardation (IUGR) on Fetal and Postnatal Development in Sheep, $22,000
  • Gary Kazmer, Animal Science, Reduction in Antibiotic Resistance in Salmonella Typhimurium DT104 Cultures Subjected to Sub-Inhibitory Concentrations of Plant-Derived Antimicrobial Compounds, $18,000
  • Farhed Shah, Agriculture & Resource Economics, Economic Evaluation of Alternative Waste Management Practices in Livestock Agriculture, $2,634

Complete list of Fall 2010 ‘Faculty Large Grant’ Awards

Faculty Small Grant Awards (requests up to $1,500)

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources recipients include:

February 2011

  • Sylvain Deguise, Pathobiology & Veterinary Sciences, Immunotoxicity of PCBs in polar bears, $1,500.00

July 2010

  • Thomas A Hoagland, Animal Science, The Influence of PGF2a and PGE2 on Oxygen Consumption and Progesterone Synthesis in Isolated Mitochondria from Bovine Luteal Cells, $1,500.00
  • Susanne Beck Von Bodman, Plant Science & Landscape Architecture, Characterization of the WceJ Protein in Synthesis of Stewartan Polysaccharide by the Plant Pathogenic Bacterium Pantoea Stewartii subsp. Stewartii, $1,500.00

March  2010

  • Jenifer Nadeau, Animal Science, Effect of Season on Travel Patterns and Hoof Growth in Horses Kept in Varying Sized Turnouts, $1,500.00 

January  2010

  • Steven A Zinn, Animal Science, Seasonality of Intake, Body Condition, and the Somatotropic Axis in Captive Steller Sea Lions (Eumetopias jubatus), $1,500.00


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How to Join a Multistate Project

Instructions to join a Multistate Project   - Link to directions for viewing project proposals and for creating an Appendix E to authorize participation by your scientist(s) /specialist(s) in the above proposed projects. 

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