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Storrs Agricultural Experiment Station


As of April 15, 2013, forms AD-416/417/NIFA-2008 and AD-421 can no longer be entered or submitted using the CRIS web forms.   The CRIS site will only allow you to view project information.

Beginning May 6, 2013  REEport will become NIFA’s singular grant and formula project reporting system, replacing the existing CRIS web forms system. REEport will utilize the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR), a standard progress report format that all Federal research agencies will be required to use. 

In preparation for REEport deployment, beginning on Monday, April 15, the current version of CRIS web forms became “read only.  The CRIS web forms system will no longer allow you to enter, edit, or submit new data to CRIS.

During the "blackout" period April 15- May 6, 2014 the CRIS web site will be there as usual so you can view your project information. On May 6th REEport will be available for data entry and will become the only way to enter and submit information to CRIS.  The information required by REEport for both project initiation and annual/final reporting is somewhat different and more extensive than it is now in the CRIS web forms.

REEport instructions:

Project Initiation Report

Progress Report and Final Report     


Current Research Information System (CRIS) will continue to provide documentation for ongoing agricultural, food science, human nutrition, and forestry research, education and extension activities for the United States Department of Agriculture; with a focus on the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) grant programs.

The mission of CRIS is to document the research and education activities of the USDA/State agricultural research and education system for various reporting purposes, as well as to provide ready access to information which can help users to:

  • Keep abreast of the latest developments in agricultural and forestry research and education
  • Plan future activities
  • Avoid costly duplication of publicly-funded work
  • Establish valuable contacts within the research and education community

Search the online CRIS database to obtain current project information for your site and all USDA funded research documented in the CRIS system.


CRIS Access and Service

Cris information is available to the public through the CRIS web site, the Research, Economics and Education Information System (REEIS) web site, and NIFA program web pages. This date collecton provides descriptive information, on a project level, of research, education, extension and integrated activities supported by federal funds.  Progress information is also available.

Cooperating state partner institutions have full access to the data submitted by their individual institution through the CRIS Forms Assistance site as well as the Partnership Leadership Management Dashboard maintained by NIFA.

The Manual of Classification of Agricultural and Forestry Research, Education, and Extension is available electronically to assist in the date entry process of CRIS reporting. Also, click here for Storrs Agricultural Experiment Station CRIS forms instructions.

News and Events



Grant Announcements:


Agricultural and Resource Economics:

Bravo-Ureta, Boris E, $149,988, A New Look at Total Factor Productivity and Irrigation Water Use Efficiency: An Analysis of U.S. Agriculture, 12/16/2015, USDA/NIFA


Animal Science:

Amalaradjou, Mary Anne, $149,961, Investigating the Beneficial Role of Cheese Starter Cultures in the Prevention of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in a Mouse Colitis Model, 11/02/2015, USDA/NIFA

Venkitanarayanan, Kumar S, $142,463, Natural and Environment-Friendly Approaches for Improving the Microbiological Safety of Cantaloupes, 11/03/2015, USDA/NIFA



Bonelli, Joseph, $250,000 Crop Insurance and Risk Management Promotion, Education and Training for Connecticut Farmers and Growers, 2015-2016, 10/12/2015, USDA/Department of Agriculture


Bonelli, Joseph, $71,758, 2015 NESARE CT, MA, RI Joint Outreach,11/05/2015, USDA/National Institute of Food and Agriculture/University of Vermont


Wilson, Emily H., $99,906, Connecticut Environmental Conditions Online 2015-2016 Work Plan, 12/10/2015, CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection



Casa, Douglas J, $19,534, Relationship Between Classical Magnet School (Hartford Public Schools) and University of Connecticut, 11/04/2015, Hartford Public Schools


Natural Resources and the Environment:

Fahey, Robert T, $59,941, Collaborative Research: EAGER-NEON: Is Canopy Structural Complexity a Global Predictor of Primary Production?: Using NEON to Transform Understanding of Forest Structure-Function, 11/24/2015, NSF/BIO/Directorate for Biological Sciences


Volin, John, $339,062, Evaluation of Airborne & Mobile LiDAR Technologies for Monitoring Roadside Vegetation and Utility Infrastructure, 12/11/2015, Eversource


Volin, John, $1,213,521, Stormwise: Vegetation Management and Modeling for Storm Resistant Trees, Resilient Power and Sustainable Futures, 12/11/2015 Eversource


USDA Integrated Grants and Logic Model

A logic model is a conceptual tool for planning and evaluation which displays the sequence of actions that describes what the science-based program is and will do.


How to Join a Multistate Project


Instructions to join a Multistate Project   - Link to directions for viewing project proposals and for creating an Appendix E to authorize participation by your scientist(s) /specialist(s) in the above proposed projects. 

New NIMSS database users manual