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Pricing List (Effective 1/1/2022)


Test & Description
Standard Nutrient Analysis (Modified Morgan) $15.00

Samples submitted for the Standard Nutrient Analysis are analyzed for plant available calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, aluminum and boron using a modified Morgan extractant. The soil pH and buffer pH are determined and the samples are screened for estimated total lead. Estimated Cation Exchange Capacity and % Base Saturation are also provided. Limestone and fertilizer recommendations are made based on test results and the crop being grown. (Soils sent in our pre-paid soil test collection kits sold by some Cooperative Extension Centers receive this test). The standard nutrient analysis is appropriate for lawns, vegetables, flowers, woody ornamentals, fruits, agronomic crops and for nursery crops (like Christmas trees) grown in mineral soil. This test is not suitable for composts or soilless media. 

Saturated Media Extract (SME) – for Soilless Greenhouse Media Only $20.00

This analysis is appropriate for soilless greenhouse media or mixes containing 20 percent or less mineral soil. Samples submitted for the Saturated Media Analysis are analyzed for plant available calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, boron, iron, manganese, and zinc. Quick diagnostic tests estimate nitrate-nitrogen and ammonium-nitrogen. Media pH and soluble salts are also determined. One pint of sample is required for this test. Recommendations for commercial crops can be requested by the University’s Extension Specialist for Greenhouse Crops.   
Soil pH ONLY $5.00

The pH is determined and limestone recommendations are made if the soil pH needs to be increased while sulfur recommendations are given if the soil pH needs to be decreased. Recommendations can only be made if the crop being grown is listed. Soil pH testing is included in the standard nutrient analysis.
Soluble Salts $5.00

The total soluble salts are determined using a 1:2, V:V electrical conductivity method. Interpretation is provided.
Organic Matter Content $7.00

This analysis gives the percent organic matter in soil or compost determined by the loss on ignition. Most plants do best in soils with organic matter contents between 4 and 8 percent. Finished composts usually range from 40 to 60 percent organic matter. Recommendations are not made.
Soil Textural Analysis $15.00

The total amounts of sand, silt and clay sized particles are determined using a hydrometer method. Soils are categorized according to USDA soil textural classifications. No recommendations are provided.
Pre-Sidedress Soil Nitrate Test (PSNT)                                         $10.00

The PSNT measures plant available nitrate-nitrogen in the soil and is used by commercial silage corn, sweet corn and pumpkin growers. Turf growers may also find this test useful. From June 1st until mid-August soil test results are ready by the next business day and the grower is contacted with the results and nitrogen fertilizer recommendations via email, fax or phone.
End-of-Season Cornstalk Test $10.00

Cornstalks collected in a prescribed manner at harvest are analyzed for nitrate-nitrogen. Results indicate whether below optimum, optimum or above optimum amounts of nitrogen were applied during the growing season. This test is often used in conjunction with the PSNT.


Discounts are offered to commercial and residential customers when 10 or more samples are sent at one time for either the Standard Nutrient Analysis or the Saturated Media Analysis.Please see our discount policy.



Miscellaneous Tests
The textural analysis, organic matter content, pH and soluble salts tests should be sampled in the same way as the Standard Nutrient Analysis.  ***Please supply an additional 1 cup of soil if you require tests in addition to the Standard Nutrient Analysis. Only ½ cup of soil is required for the Soil pH only test.


Counties in several states have either Fire Ant or Golden Nematode QUARANTINES! If you live in these areas and send soil to us, it needs to be documented and destroyed. There is an additional disposal fee of $20 per sample. The USDA APHIS website has information regarding which US counties are quarantined. To determine if you are in a fire ant quarantine area, CLICK HERE. To determine if you are in a golden nematode quarantine area, CLICK HERE.