Work Study Information

We can only pay you for the actual time you spend in the clinic of in training. The exception is if you drive other students to the clinic in a Community Outreach vehicle or in your own personal car, then we can pay you for the transportation time to and from Hartford.

The best way to figure out how many hours per week you want to work is to divide your total grant by the number of weeks in the semester we will be in the clinics. For most semesters that is 10 or 11 weeks. Then divide your weekly pay rate by the hourly pay we are offering. You can count work time as time you spend working at the site, the training time, and community project time, but not transportation time (unless you drive other students).

Depending on student turnout, Husky Reads can accomodate you in the clinics one or two times per week. Thus, the maximum hours per week to work are either two or four, plus the approximately 15 total hours you would earn for training and the community service project. Since many students have grants that are greater than this amount, we usually suggest that you find a second job on campus to use up the hours.

The contact person for payroll issues and paperwork for student employees in Nutritional Sciences is Julie MacDonald, the department secretary. She generally works 7:30 - 12:00 and 1:00 - 4:30 in Room 214 of the Jones Building. She can be reached by telephone at 486-1757, or by e-mail at When you meet with her to fill out your payroll paperwork, you must also bring 2 pieces of ID with you:

1) a driver's license AND

2) a social security card or passport.

Complete your paperwork with her as soon as possible, since your first check will come approximately 4 weeks after your paperwork is turned in.

You can keep your time card with you, or leave it on the clipboard on Julies's desk. In either case, you must fill in all your hours for the pay period and give the time card to Julie by 4:00 pm on Thursday paydays in order to be paid on time. The first paycheck is delayed approximately 2 weeks, but after your first check, you will be paid every other Thursday assuming you turn your hours in on time.

The hours you enter on your time card will be matched to clinic encounter forms and clinic sign-in sheets. Be sure to be accurate with the hours you enter! In case of any questions about what constitutes "work time", check with Meredith Poehlitz, the Coordinator of Husky Reads. She will be your supervisor and is responsible for signing your time card.

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