Husky Reads Student Responsibilities
  • Keep your time commitment throughtout the semester. We expect the same kind of commitment you would make to a job or to a test scheduled in one of your classes. The clinics count on you!

  • Actively participate by initiating conversations with children and their parents. (You'll have more fun and get more out of the experience too!)

  • If you have to miss a day due to illness or transportation problems, it is your responsibility to call your driver or passengers, your site and our office.

  • Wear the Husky Reads t-shirt and your clinic ID each time you visit your clinic.

  • Follow the dress code for your specific site. Generally this means to avoid short skirts, low-cut shirts or pants, shorts, and at CCMC, no blue jeans. Studs or rings in a piercing at any visible site (other than your ears) should be removed before you visit the site, and clothing should cover tattoos.

  • Follow your site's policies and procedures, including maintaining the confidentiality of patients.

  • Attend the volunteer orientation in Hartford for your clinic. (WIC does not require orientations).

  • Hospital sites (not WIC) require prrof of a current TB test (within one year before you can begin to work in the clinics). Free TB skin tests are provided at the hospital orientations. If you cannot come to one of them, you must pay $15.00 for a test done at the Student Health Center.

  • Hospital sites also require proof of current immunization. The Medical Records Department at the Student Health Center can give you a copy of your immunization record. You must provide documentation of immunization status before you begin working in the clinic. If you need any of these immunizations, you must assume the cost charged to you by the Student Health Services.

  • Fill out a Husky Reads contact form each time you visit the clinic.

  • The Literacty Training and Program Orientation which is held the 3rd week of the semester is required for everyone unless you have a class conflict or have attended it in previous semesters.

  • Everyone is strongly encouraged to attend the training and discussion group meetings held 5 times per semester. These meetings are required for students enrolled for credit in Nusc 281.

  • You are responsible for any parking or traffic violations incurred in transit or at the clinics.

  • If you drive yourself or other students, you must provide proof of adequate insurance coverage. If you drive a Community Outreach vehicle, you also must meet the following requirements: 18 years or older; driving for 2 or more years; and within the last 18 months must no have more than two at fault accident/violations or have any violation for drunk driving, driving under the influence of drugs, or reckless driving; or have a reinstated license in effect less than one year after revocation.
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