Student Expectations Nutritional Sciences 281 - Section 2: Experience in Community Nutrition
• Prerequisite course are Nutritional Sciences 165 or 166, or concurrent enrollment in either. If you are concurrently enrolled, you may enroll for one credit only in 281.

• Credit earned depends on amount of time in setting: 2 contact hours at site per credit hour. Transportation time does not count toward credit. Most students enroll for one credit per semester.

Students are allowed to miss 1 clinic session only each semester. All other missed sessions in the clinic must be made up, and you must arrange your own transportation or use Community Outreach vehicles. If sessional are not made up before the end of the semester, an Incomplete must be taken for the class and the work completed by the end of the following semester, or your grade will be affected.

• Class meetings are required and mandatory. They will be excused with a doctor's note only. (Exception: If you have already attended literacy training a previous semester, you may skip that training/meeting.) Without a doctor's note, missed meetings will affect your grade for the semester.

• Keep a journal of the time you spend at the clinic, activities you do, and impressions you form each time you visit the clinic. We expect only a paragraph or two for each clinic visit, but it must include reflection about how the experience is impacting your thoughts and life. Journal entries should also be made for each training or discussion group meeting you attend. Journals will be turned in at mid-term and at the end of the semester.

• Complete a Hartford-based community project as part of the experience. These projects typically take 4 - 6 hours on a Saturday in October or November. This is a mandatory assignment with no make-up dates.

Grading for Nusc 281 is based on attendance and active participation in all discussion and clinic sessions, participation in the community service project, and completion of thoughtful journal entries.

• Sign the Husky Nutrition Program contract indicating that you agree to meet program expectations.

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