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Nutrition Education Activities

The Husky Nutrition Program is a comprehensive nutrition education program of positive nutrition messages. We provide the following education opportunities in the community.

Interactive Nutrition Education Displays

Our nutrition educators provide information to interested participants typically in a waiting room, at a health fair or other large space.

A sampling of topics include:

  • "Know your Beverage" - discussion and activities about sugar content in drinks, percent fruit juice in drinks and the importance of water
  • Portion sizes - discussion and activities about healthy portion sizes for food and beverages
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) and Physical Activity - discussion and activities about measuring BMI and practical, simple ways for participants to increase their physical activity

Nutrition Education Workshops

Our nutrition educators conduct interactive classes with participants. Workshops are scheduled in advance and participants are enrolled prior to the workshop.

Topics include:

  • Strategies for overcoming Picky Eating
  • Making Healthy Beverage Choices
  • Controlling Portion Sizes
  • Encouraging Kids to Make Healthy Food Choices
  • Low-cost Grocery Shopping Strategies

Cooking Classes

Facilitated Group Discussions

Participants are invited to attend regular meetings to discuss their beliefs, attitiudes, concerns and questions about nutrition-related topics. In previous groups, topics have included maternal nutrition, child nutrition, body image and physical acitivity.

For more information about Husky Nutrition Education, or to schedule an activity, please contact Meredith Poehlitz at

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