Food Safety

Food safety is important to consumers and the food industry. In Connecticut, recent and continued foodborne illness outbreaks point to the need for more food safety information, education and training programs focused on prevention. The Cooperative Extension System brings together the resources of the Department of Nutritional Sciences, the Department of Animal Science, Plant Science, Pathobiology, and food safety experts from other colleges, schools, state agencies, and food industry groups to address the food safety education needs of Connecticut consumers, regulators, and industries.

The following food safety services are available to:


Food Regulators: local sanitarians, inspectors, state level regulatory personnel

The Food Industry: farmers, processors, retailers, restaurants


For more information about training programs or literature contact:

Diane Hirsch, M.P.H., R.D., Extension Nutritionist, University of Connecticut, Cooperative Extension Service, North Haven Office, (203) 407-3163