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How can I pursue a career as a Registered Dietitian?

The University of Connecticut has two undergraduate dietetic programs. One is housed in Allied Health Sciences (the Coordinated Program) and the other in Nutritional Sciences (the Didactic Program). Both programs are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetic Education* and provide different routes to becoming a registered dietitian. A diagram depicting both routes may be found at Dietetics at UConn and below. The Didactic Program in Nutritional Sciences provides the academic coursework necessary to apply for a dietetic internship following college graduation. The Coordinated Program in Dietetics is the undergraduate program of study that combines the coursework and supervised practice hours necessary to prepare students for entry-level practice as dietitians.

Why the didactic program in dietetics may be a better option for you

  • Some students find it preferable to concentrate on the course work and then focus on a dietetic internship after receiving a Bachelor's degree.
  • The didactic program leaves room for flexibility during your college career to pursue a minor or study abroad.
  • Due to the sequence of courses it is often possible even as a transfer student to complete a Bachelor's degree in 4 years.
  • Many dietetic internships offer the option of a joint-graduate program, allowing students to become registered and to earn their Master's degree.
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