Lower CT River and Coastal Region

Forest Stewardship Initiative

The purpose of the Lower CT River & Coastal Region (LCR&CR) Stewardship Initiative is to inform and educate woodland owners in the lower CT River and coastal region about forest stewardship, planning and management through various workshops and events. The woodland resources in the Lower CT River and Coastal Region are important to the environmental health and character of the region and helping to make the stewardship of your woodlands a more rewarding and satisfying task is the priority for these events. The mission of the LCR&CR Forest Stewardship Initiative is to provide you, the woodland owner, with the knowledge to manage your forest land using all the resources that are available to you. The LCR&CR Stewardship Initiative is a collaboration between the University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension Forestry Program and the Lower CT River Valley Council of Governments (formerly the Connecticut River Estuary Planning Agency), and is supported by the US Forest Service, the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, and the CT-DEEP Forestry Division. Thanks are also extended to Regional School District 17 for their cooperation in providing a demonstration site for some events.


Some of the programs held early this Spring included:

  • Assistance Programs for Forest Stewardship Planning and Activities
  • Chain Saw Safety and Use
  • Small-scale and Low Impact Forest Harvesting Methods for Small Woodland Owners
  • Controlling Invasive Shrub Species in Forests and Edge Habitats

If your organization or group would like to host a program with a forest or wildlife topic, do not hesitate to contact us.

News Updates

Menunketesuck-Cockaponset Regional Greenway- Find information here about what a greenway is, what it will do, and what the greenway criteria is.

Contact Us

For more information, please direct your comments and questions to one of those listed below:

Thomas Worthley
Stewardship Program Forester
Middlesex County Cooperative Extension Center
1066 Saybrook Road, Box 70
Haddam CT 06438-0070
Tel: (860) 345-4511
Fax: (860) 345-3357


Margot Burns
Environmental Planner
Connecticut River Estuary Regional Planning Agency
Tel: (860) 388-3497
Fax: (860) 395-1404





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Sustainable Woodlands Action Team Also known as SWAT, this program is aimed at helping woodland owners accomplish forestry and wildlife habitat assessments and projects on their properties.

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The Coverts Project A training seminar for landowners on forestry and wildlife habitat management. Find out more today!

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