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UConn Extension connects the power of UConn research to local issues by creating practical, science-based answers to complex problems. Extension provides scientific knowledge and expertise to the public in areas such as: economic viability, business and industry, community development, agriculture and natural resources.
News and Highlights

The Truth About Freezing and Thawing

March 04, 2015

By Diane Wright Hirsch, MPH, RD UConn Extension Educator – Food Safety   As I am writing this, it is snowing lightly outside my office window. I am thinking about the potential weather fluctuations. Lots of folks have filled their freezers and refrigerators in preparation for the storm. But what happens when the power goes […]

Plant Defenses Against Insects

March 02, 2015

By Pamm Cooper for UConn Extension   Historically, insects have been the most important bane of the plant kingdom. The fatal attraction that exists between plants and insects has woven an intricate balance between good and evil, survival and devastation, and benefits versus harm. While insects play a significant role in pollination, and while over […]

Price Study of CSAs in CT

February 28, 2015

2014 Price Study of Community Supported Agriculture Operations in CT By Molly Deegan and Jiff Martin, UConn Extension *For more information about this study, contact Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): an arrangement whereby customers pay growers in advance of the growing season for a guaranteed share of the season’s harvest. Background: In summer 2014 […]

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