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UConn Extension connects the power of UConn research to local issues by creating practical, science-based answers to complex problems. Extension provides scientific knowledge and expertise to the public in areas such as: economic viability, business and industry, community development, agriculture and natural resources.

News and Highlights


UConn Wins!

July 29, 2014

Who won the Big Scoop Award at the American Society of Animal Science’s Joint Annual Meeting? Contenders were Kansas State University, South Dakota State University, UConn, University of Missouri, and Washington State University.   UConn wins!!! Congrats to Mike O’Neill in #UConnExtension for proposing Centennial Caramel Crunch to celebrate Extension’s 100 years of growing Connecticut […]

Squash Will Come…

July 28, 2014

Photo and Article By Carol Quish for UConn Extension   Where are all my summer squash? Why do my plants have many blossoms and not squash? These are a few of the questions I hear about yellow and zucchini squashes when the squashes look like they should be setting fruit. Be patient, gardeners, squash will come.   […]

East Hartford PEP Graduation

July 25, 2014

UConn Extension PEP in East Hartford celebrated the graduation of 8 Spanish and 12 English speaking UConn Extension PEP graduates in June. Congratulations everyone!     

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