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Career Opportunities

Did you know...?

  • Up to 80% of important medical decisions for the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease rely on the results of tests performed by clinical laboratory scientists.
  • According to the book, "Jobs Rated Almanac: The Best and Worst Jobs" by Les Krantz, Medical Laboratory Sciences ranked 16th best in a list of 250 jobs and third best in the healthcare/medicine occupation category.
  • The clinical laboratory science profession continues to grow. With the advancement of new technologies and new tests, there is an expected 25% increase of laboratory positions for the foreseeable future. This need for more technologists has only been made more apparent after the events of 9/11/2001.

Career Opportunities

Because there is a significant demand for qualified laboratorians, job opportunities are unlimited. Unlike many other careers, your degree or post-baccalaureate certificate will prepare you directly for a job. You can either work as a generalist, rotating through all laboratory sections or as a specialist in one of the disciplines.

You can work in the following settings:

  • Clinical - hospitals, physicians' offices, reference laboratories
  • Community - local, state and federal laboratories, American Indian Reservations, VISTA
  • Management & Supervision - laboratory departments, hospital administration
  • Business - sales and marketing
  • Education - teaching, directing or coordinating medical laboratory sciences programs
  • Research - product development, pharmaceuticals, food products, cancer
  • Industry - equipment development, technical representative
  • Consultant - physician's office laboratories, health care facilities
  • International - Peace Corps, governmental and non-governmental agencies

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Graduates go on to health professions and pursue advanced degrees such as physical therapy, physician's assistant, public health and others.

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