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Program Costs for the Dietetics Internship
Program Costs for 2016-2017  
Item Cost
Program Registration Fee?(Includes liability [malpractice] insurance) $4,938.00
To enhance the learning experience, students in the Dietetic Internship will be required to enroll in 6 graduate credits through Non-Degree Serices and will incur an additional expense of $636/credit plus additional University fees.   These classes will be offered on the Storrs campus. $5,257.00
Lab coat $20.00 - $40.00
Name tag $10.00
Physical examination & lab tests (Varies based upon personal health insurance) $100.00 - $200.00
Health Insurance (Varies depending on policy & coverage) $2,338.00
Textbooks & references $200.00 - 4200.00
Transportation (Approximately 100 miles per week) variable
University of Connecticut commuter parking permit. (Fees are subject to change by the University) $218.00
Parking near Hartford Hospital $75.00 per month
Off-campus housing (Varies dependent upon location) $6,000.00
Off-campus board (Not provided) $1,900.00
Internship application fee $70.00
Fall/Spring CT Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Meeting ~$55.00
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Membership is strongly encouraged $50.00


Interns are required to have a calculator, computer, and access to the Internet. Undergraduate textbooks should be used as reference materials.


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Laboratory technologists are essential members of the health care team.

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