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Student Awards and Achievements

Outstanding Dietetics Student Award

Each year, the American Dietetic Association, through its state affiliates, recognizes students from each type of dietetics programs for their excellent academic standing and performance in supervised practice settings. In the last few years, several University of Connecticut CP students have been selected by the Connecticut Dietetic Association as the "Outstanding Student From a Coordinated Program - Connecticut."

  • 2003: Kathleen Porter
  • 2004: Cheryl Dziura-Duke
  • 2006: Geraldine Napoleone
  • 2007: Kelsey Mangano

Alumni News

  • Heather Hutchins (2001) will be starting the PhD program in Nutritional Sciences at Purdue University in the Fall of 2007
  • Two members of the Class of 2004 are currently doctoral students at the University of Connecticut:
    • Erin Gaffney (2004), Department of Nutritional Sciences
    • Erin Quann (2004), Department of Kinesiology
  • Three Alumni of the Coordinated Program in Dietetics will serve on the Board of Directors of the Connecticut Dietetic Association in 2007-08:
    • Liana Garcia-Fresher (1985), Public Relations Chair
    • Lanette Kovachi (1996), Fundraising Chair
    • Pamela Kilman Rosow (1982), member of the Nominating Committee


Student Research Showcased

Each Spring semester during the University's Open House weekend, the "Frontiers In Undergraduate Research" is held. This event of judged poster sessions is sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research and the Honors Program. Student research is also submitted and peer reviewed for presentation at the Connecticut Dietetic Association meeting each Spring. Each of these events showcases the research projects that have been undertaken by students working in conjunction with faculty advisors during the academic year. Samples of the work that has been on display in the past include:

Frontiers of Undergraduate Research

Title: "Acute effects of dietary phytic acid from soy on intestinal calcium absorption in women"
Students: Jessica Dauz, Kelsey Mangano.
Faculty Advisor: Jane Kerstetter, PhD, RD.

Title: "A rodent model to evaluate the effect of dietary protein on calcium metabolism"
Students: Katie Haffner, Jacqueline Haley.
Research Associates: Erin Gaffney, MS, RD (CP Alumnae); Karl Insogna, MD. Faculty Advisor: Jane Kerstetter, PhD, RD.

Title: "Dietary behaviors of Head Start children"
Students: Crystal Hume, Britt Ryan.
Faculty Advisor: Valerie Duffy, PhD, RD.

Title: "Does cachexia limit bone mineral accrual in children with inflammatory bowel disease?"
Student: Rachel Harris Research Associate: Francisco Sylvester, MD
Faculty Advisor: Jane Kerstetter, PhD, RD.

Title: "Genetic variation in taste papillae density and waist circumference in females"
Students: Stefanie Gustafson, Bridget Sullivan.
Research Associate: Sarah Lanier, RD (CP Alumnae).
Faculty Advisor: Valerie Duffy, PhD, RD.

Connecticut Dietetic Association

Title: "Risk of overweight in preschoolers: Relationships with otitis media exposure and utilization of nutrition assistance programs"
Student: Angela Corcoran
Research Associates: Kittie Kneeland, MS, RD (CP Alumnae); Heather Harrington, BS.
Faculty Advisor: Valerie Duffy, PhD, RD.

Title: "Sodium intensity, alcohol intake, and TAS2R38 genotype"
Student: Kristen Haskins.
Research Associates: Shaundra Harris; Judith Kidd, Ph.D.
Faculty Advisor: Valerie Duffy, PhD, RD.

Title: "Development of a school-based nutrition intervention: Formative research with a community perspective"
Student: Cheryl Dziura-Duke.
Research Associate: Tina Dugdale, RD, RN.
Faculty Advisor: Valerie Duffy, PhD, RD.

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