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Plan of Study (Masters)

Master's Coordinated Program in Dietetics
Plan of Study
Department of Allied Health Sciences
Example of Courses+

1st Year, Fall (9 credits)

GPAH 6324: Critical Issues, 3 credits
GPAH 6305: Program Eval for Health Professions, 3 credits
Graduate Statistics, 3 credits
DIET 3155: Clin Diet Practicum I*, 1 credits

1st Year, Spring (12 credits)

GPAH 5319: AH Education Science, 3 credits
GPAH 6306: Research Methods, 3 credits
GPAH 5314: Professional Development Project, 3 credits
DIET 3255: Clin Diet Practicum II*, 1 credits
DIET 3235: Comm Nutr Practicum I*, 1 credits
DIET 3215: Food Serv Practicum I*, 1 credits

2nd Year, Fall (10 credits)

GPAH 5350: Advanced Med Nutr Therapy*, 3 credits
GPAH 5351: Contemp Nutr Issues & Research*, 3 credits
DIET 4365: Applied Diet Practicum*, 4 credits

2nd Year, Spring (17 credits)

GPAH 5317: Prof Development Practicum*, 5 credits
DIET 4415: Food Serv Practic II*, 3 credits
DIET 4435: Comm Nutr Practic II*, 3 credits
DIET 4470: Seminar in Dietetic*, 2 credits
DIET 4455: Clin Diet Practic III*, 4 credits

Summer after 2nd year

DIET 4991: Externship*

+ Graduate course selection is decided with the Graduate Advisor
* Must be taken to meet CP program and supervised practice requirements

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