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Answers to frequently asked questions

Where can I get answers to my questions about gardening, insects, wildlife, food safety and other subjects?

We have several ways to help. You can call, email or visit the Home and Garden Education Center in Storrs or your local Extension Center. Or, you can try our online database of expertise.

Does the College provide water testing?

Can I visit the animal barns?
Visit the Department of Animal Science site to find out how.

Where can I learn about the College’s undergraduate education programs?
Visit the College's Office of Academic Programs.

Where can I learn about the College’s graduate education programs?
You may obtain information on graduate degree programs directly from the academic department in whose programs you're interested. Visit this page for links to the departments.

What is the Cooperative Extension System?
The Cooperative Extension System provides practical learning resources to address complex problems of families, communities, agriculture, business and industry. CES is part of a nationwide educational network through the University of Connecticut College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Teams of professionals and trained volunteers teach the state’s diverse population to make informed choices and decisions affecting their lives and environment.

Visit the Cooperative Extension System's Web site.

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